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Leeds University Union Christian Union




Who Is He?

On the 15th-19th February 2016 we held a week of events exploring the question ‘Who Is Jesus?’ We had three packed out lunchbars in Stylus where guest speakers explored a question (is Jesus a killjoy? Is he relevant? Is he legit?) while we all nibbled away on our free sandwiches. We praise God for 19 people making commitments to follow Jesus in the week! We praise him for his faithfulness, for the cross of Christ which we proclaim to all on Leeds University campus.


Join our community!

The Christian Union has loads on during the week so if you can’t make it to our regular Monday night meeting, Equip, don’t worry – you can still be a part of the CU! We have at least one event on each day during the week, and all of them are open to any one to attend, even if you’ve never been to any other CU event. For more info on what’s on, head on over here.



If you’re a church, charity or current student wondering how you can support us and help our mission, take a look over here.